Jitka Vachtová - individual swimming lessons

Price list

Pricelist of training and swimming lessons for 28. 1. 2020

The standard length of one lesson is set for 45 minutes for an individual training. I count this time as a continuous period of time that you have paid and stated on the invoice or otherwise arranged. During this time it can be done an introduction to swimming lessons, consultations, a theory on the shore and last but not least, the actual stay and swimming in the swimming pool, where I control you. Unfortunately, your eventual late arrival into the pool is not taken into consideration, it is unnecessary always finish in time. You know it: „Early bird catches the worm.“

I offer the cheapest workouts in a certain time zone in Šutka:


Pricelist of training in Aquacentre Šutka

For a subscription (one or more lessons may be subscribed), the money should be credited to my account at least 24 hours before the swimming lesson, ie I recommend paying in advance of at least four business days. (Bank transfer takes 24-hours for business days, the evening payment can be processed the next day, and the bank does not send the money in the weekend, if you deposit money directly at my bank's bank account, they will be on my account immediately.) So please choose such a term in order for the payment to be made in time. Early payment is a necessary condition for swimming training. Therefore, please order your workouts in advance at least one week in advance, because even issuing invoices and appointing terms takes some time. I prefer regular dates paid in a series of 4 lessons.

Aquacentre Šutkaindividual workouts

You have to pay an admission fee to the pool for individual training separately. Your admission fee to the pool is not included in the cost of swimming training. I recommend buying a permanent pass.

Price range Time range (for 45-minutes training) The price of individual lessons

a subscription of the first training or a series of at least four training sessions paid at once if the payment is credited to my account on time at least 24 hours before the first of the series'

a subscription of one to three lessons paid at the same time if the payment is credited on time to my account at least 24 hours before the first of the series'


Mon., Tues., Thur. 8.15–9.00 am (45-minutes training)

900 CZK/training

1100 CZK/training


Mon., Tues., Thur. 7.15–8.00 h am (45-minutes training)
Mon., Tues., Thur. 9.15–10.00 h am (45-minutes training)

1100 CZK/training

1300 CZK/training


A 45-minute lesson in the morning at times other than those mentioned above (by mutual agreement) at the time indicated like this in the timetable (ie usually on Wednesday morning 6.15–11.00 am, or times 6.15–7.00 in the morning or at 10.15–11.00 on weekdays Monday to Thursday). It is necessary to consult time with me.

1500 CZK/training

1700 CZK/training


At this time, training sessions are not offered. These are times marked in the schedule or out of the schedule (Friday, evenings and weekends).


I do not offer training in the afternoon, evening and weekends. If you can't go swimming in the morning on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, please look for another coach.


I do not offer training in the afternoon, evening and weekends. If you can't go swimming in the morning on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, please look for another coach.

Terms of teaching: Upon agreement, it is possible to move the agreed term to an earlier date or to arrange the transfer of a maximum of two terms out of four (from one document) to a later date. Otherwise, the term will no longer be refunded with compensation (see terms and conditions)! A substitute after agreement is possible. An substitute must be arranged in advance of the lesson.

The swimming pool is open all year round and is opened to the public within the opening hours. You can also schedule the training here regularly. On days or times other than those listed in the price list, teaching may be exceptional, by mutual agreement at individually determined prices.

You can pay a set of lessons or individual swimming lessons. The tuition is paid by bank transfer by default. I will send the documents for payment in the form of a proforma invoice after agreement of specific trainings. For more information, see the payment terms page. I recommend that you order and pay for at least four lessons, with the perspective of having a series of at least 20 lessons to make sense. The best is continuous regular training at least once a week supplemented by custom trainings.