Jitka Vachtová - individual swimming lessons



Jitka Vachtová - individual swimming lessons
Jitka Vachtová - výuka plavání
Jitka Vachtová, DiS. & DiS.
Košťálkova 1103/2
182 00 Prague 8 – Kobylisy
the Czech Republic
Company ID: 67753442
Tax ID: CZ7557191411
Entry: A natural person registered in the Trade Register Office of the Prague 8 District Office (Zivnostensky rejstrik Uradu mestske casti Praha 8)
Phone: +420 603 142 109 (I have an unlimited lump in the Czech Republic if you want, I can call you back)
E-mail: jitka (at) vachtova.cz
Messenger: jitka.vachtova
Facebook: jitka.vachtova
Skype: jitka.vachtova

I am not VAT registered subject.

If you contact me by e-mail, please send me your firstname and surname as well as telephone contact. Thank you.

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