Jitka Vachtová - individual swimming lessons

Swimming courses

Swimming courses on a leased lane

Since 1 March 2019 I will open additional two new courses (for advanced and beginners), which will run on Monday and Thursday morning from 7.15 am to 8.00 am the price from 200 CZK/training.

I offer „group swimming courses“ in a self-rented lane on Tuesdays 7.00–8.00 am and on Fridays 7.00–8.00 am in the Šutka pool. Since 1 March new courses will be opened in the Šutka pool on Mondays at 7.15-8.00 am and on Thursdays at 7.15-8.00 am. Don't worry, they're not that bulk, there is usually a reasonable number of the swimmers. The courses are going to take place to the end of June 2019 regularly in working days.

You can sign up for a course at any time during the year if the capacity of the course is not yet full. I guarantee maximum 8 swimmers in the group! The price is from 200 CZK/training or 300 CZK/training and your entrance fee is included. The swimming courses on the rented lane are are intended for adult swimmers or beginner swimmers who can already swim. My swimming courses on a leased lane are not intended for total non-swimmers. Non-swimmers can only use my individual lessons so far!

Swimming courses for beginner swimmers as well as advanced swimmers

Number of swimmers in the group

I guarantee maximum number of 8 swimmers in the course group. The group is small, so you should swim well. There are usually from 4 to 6 swimmers in the swimming lane with regard to the average absences and average occupancy rates. I arrange the group according to orders received. Anyone can start swimming with us during the school year and can finish at any time. It all depends on the period you pay.

Aquacentre Šutka: lane number 1 according to schedule

We swim in a separately rented 50m lane of the Aquaculture Šutka. Swimmers can enjoy the comfort of their own lane. The course runs on a regular basis throughout the school year 1× a week on working days. During the holidays (July + August) courses are not, they start again in September based on signatures of new contracts. The lane is rented regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00 am to 8:00 am from September 2018 to the end of June 2019. The length of training is 60 minutes. Swimming outside of our reserved lane is forbidden!

The price of training, admission fee is included in the rental price

Training courses are of course cheaper than for my individual trainings, given the higher number of participants in training. Under the lease agreement, my swimmers can have free access to the pool if they meet the appropriate conditions (they pick up a chip from me in time, or show up with identification card on reception).

Swimmer pays me course fee for trainings of your choice. The resulting tuition price is based on your chosen and paid period. Either you choose individual workouts, then the training price is noticeably higher, or you pay for the whole period (e.g. a calendar month or a quarter), then the cost of the conversion per training is lower. This should be a continuous period. The period may start in the current month, with a period of at least one calendar month or at least one whole quarter (counted on months) for this incomplete period. This allows you to start with us at any time. For starters you can choose only one „trial training“, which is paid separately and whose price is lower. There are examples of price programs.

Replacement terms are not, not even an alternate

Replacement dates are not provided for courses in a leased track. The cost of training is so low that it anticipates certain absences in advance. Due to the absence of other swimmers on the other hand, you will not usually swim in the full number of 8 swimmers, but you are likely to meet a little less (about 1/4 to 1/3). Usually I do not fill vacancies with spare swimmers. I want you to swim well and a slightly smaller number of swimmers suits me too. I don't offer a substitute (that someone else would come instead of you) for courses. Trainings are written on you and you are also exposed to identification cards.

Identification cards

When paying the course for a whole month, I can issue a separate identification card to clients, which will entitle them to a separate entry to the rented lane. Swimmers who will pay at least one full month of training at once can receive a card from me. The identification card is then presented at the reception desk of the pool and the chip is received at the reception desk. The swimmers pick it back at the reception when they leave the swimming pool. But if the swimmer does not have a valid card, or does not receive a card from me, then I pick a chip for him and I give him the chip at the reception. I give him the chip at least 15 minutes before the start of each training at the benches at the reception. If a training participant arrives at the reception later, the chip will no longer be received from me, and he would have to pay at his own expense to enter the space of Aquacentrum Šutka. So please don't be LATE!

The subsequent meeting in the pool will be at the time of the beginning of the course either traditionally under a round swim watch or at lane number 1 near swim watch. No one please go into the water before my instruction!

Under the rental agreement, the entrance to the payed part of the pool area is allow to participants in the training (course) not earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the course and their stay is limited to 1 hour 45 minutes. The client pays CZK 1 at the Shutka Aquacentre cash desk for each further minute. You will still have detailed details on the invoice.

Booking course training

Everyone is able to sign up for terms that suit him/her up to the capacity of the 8 swimmer. The dates must be paid in advance for proper booking according to the instructions on the advance invoice. I do not provide spare hours for lessons in course. The others business terms are almost identical to individual lessons only with difference that it is a training in more people and substitute is not possible. If I needed to cancel the training, I would either return the money back for the canceled term, or I would offer a substitute training.

Only paid dates are booked. However, for someone who will be reliable and will want to go on a regular basis, I can keep the terms blocked with a bigger view ahead (practically regular). Free dates over the next few weeks can be seen in free hours schedule. I recommend go swimming regularly every week. Unused hours are forfeited without refund.

Otherwise, a swimmer will be able to combine individual lessons and group training (ie an individual and a group swimming). However, I do not mix the training sessions and number of trainings. The business conditions are slightly different depending on the type of swimming lesson.

Tuesday's swimming course for beginner swimmers – focused on breaststroke and backstroke

I offer a Tuesday's swimming course for beginners (ie for less advanced swimmers). The course is focused mainly on breaststroke and backstroke teaching and its improvement. However, the basics of freestyle and butterfly waves may also be lectured.

The initial condition of participation in the common Tuesday's courses in the lane is that the swimmer is able to swim continuously at least 200 m even in depth without any break by any swimming method. Typically this course is designed for swimmers, who can not still swim 400 m in 12 minutes (it is in the conversion of 1.5 minutes per one 50m swimming pool or 2 km per 1 h) by any swimming method with breathing into the water, but they are able to swim at least 200 m. However, the course can also be visited by more advanced swimmers. I note that the course is not intended for a complete non-swimmers or beginner swimmers who can not swim continuously even 200 m. These non-swimmers or beginner swimmers can only use my individual training offers at this time.

Tuesday's course of breaststroke and backstroke, but we learn everything: breaststroke, backstroke and basics of front crawl

Tuesday's trainings are designed mainly for swimmers who want to learn how to breathe properly into the water while they swim breaststroke and they want to unlearn the style with "head above the water" and they want to swim faster. This course is such a preparation for the Friday's course of freestyle. The teaching is focused mainly on the proper mastering of breaststroke techniques and teaching of freestyle and backstroke kick. However, the course can also be attended by advanced swimmers who, for example, would like to have workouts on Tuesdays and Fridays, or they can't swim on Fridays. The training could be adapted according to the current swimming level of the participants. Even a beginner can learn freestyle. So if there are be more people who want to learn freestyle, we could learn more freestlyle and backstroke.

The expected training schedule for Tuesday 7.00–8.00 am 2018/2019

Trainings take place on weekdays regularly on Tuesdays (i.e. excluding public holidays) on the following dates:

Schedule of terms

September 2018 October 2018 November 2018 December 2018 January 2019 February 2019 March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 June 2019
× 16.10.2018
Total number of trainings in months
0 trainings 3 trainings 4 trainings 3 trainings 4 trainings 4 trainings 4 trainings 5 trainings 4 trainings 4 trainings

Friday's swimming course for advanced swimmers – focused on backstroke and freestyle

I offer a Friday's swimming course for advanced swimmers. The course is focused mainly on teaching of freestyle and backstroke and its improvement. However, breaststroke and butterfly techniques may also be included.

The initial condition for participation in the common Friday's courses in the lane is that swimmer was able to swim contiguously at least 400 m in 12 minutes (that is, in the conversion of 1.5 minutes one 50m pool or 2 km per 1 h) any swimming method with breathing into the water and must be accustomed to swim with other swimmers in the swimming lane. This is the so-called Cooper's Test swimming. I need the group to be swimming balanced. Who does not make this limit, but gives at least 200 m, please sign up for a Tuesday's course aimed at beginners.

Friday's course of freestyle and backstroke, but we learn everything: breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly

Trainings are intended mainly for the conditioning swimmers who want to learn front crawl or to improve in it. Courses are focused on fitness swimming, teaching and improvement of front crawl, but are not strong only on front crawl. The contents of trainings are usually all swimming methods (breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly). Gradually we learn everything (we build so-called versatility) and improve everything: breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly. However, the most preferred is front crawl in combination with a backstroke. Other swimming ways only support or allow us to teach this. Some swimming techniques are common, others are solved completely individually.

The expected training schedule for Friday 7.00–8.00 am 2018/2019

Trainings take place on weekdays regularly on Fridays (i.e. excluding public holidays) on the following dates:

Schedule of terms

September 2018 October 2018 November 2018 December 2018 January 2019 February 2019 March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 June 2019
Total number of trainings in months
3 trainings 4 trainings 5 trainings 4 trainings 4 trainings 4 trainings 5 trainings 3 trainings 5 trainings 4 trainings

A note: I'm going to decide who I'm going to take, or I'm not going to take in a course, please. I want to have swimmers who are fine with whom I understand and who have a corresponding swimming level. Therefore, I recommend an individual lesson or the first separate lesson on the course. I can offer individual lessons at this time for non-swimmers and less advanced swimmers, where I can devote them the way they need it.