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Individual lessons

Individual swimming lessons

Because my individual lessons are almost full, I suggest to those interested in swimming lessons to sign up for my swimming courses in the rental. I offer them both for beginners and for advanced swimmers. Currently I recommend a course for beginners also for advanced swimmers, it is freer - less fulfilled. Absolutely new courses will be open from 1 March on Monday's and Thursday's mornings!!!

Individual trainings run mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays morning from 6.15 to 10.00 am, see the schedule of swimming. The typical training duration is 45 min. The morning individual training at 6.15–6.45 am or at 6.10–6.40 am takes only 30 minutes. Individual trainings take place practically only in the Šutka pool. You are swimming between the public (in the swimming lane or in the open space) and I dedicate myself only to you (i.e. only you and I are in training). You pay entrance fee by yourself, we meet at 50m pool (ie on the waterside) under the large round swimming watch at the beginning of the training. General information can be found on the trainings swimming page. The price is from 900 CZK/training to 2200 CZK/training in Aquacentre Šutka. Individual lessons are for both swimmers and non-swimmers.


Trainings are completely individual and the following schedule on individual swimming ways (breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, butterfly) only shows how the lessons are organized, depending on the progress of the swimmer. This is a recommended methodological procedure, which is roughly followed in my trainings swimming. The number of swimming lessons is not binding and it is here only for you to get an idea. Trainings are conducted at a very individual pace. There are usually a problem that many swimmers do not know the basic swimming skills (even breaststroke swimmers and freestyle swimmers) and so we usually repeat these elementary skills.

The basic schedule for individual trainings

There is my basic teaching offer. The schedule of individual lessons is only indicative. I usually combine different swimming techniques and techniques together, depending on what the swimmer already knows and needs. For more advanced swimmers I use more individual lesson content. The following points correspond roughly to the methodological method of swimming instruction when breaststroke is the first swimming way you learn.

  1. basic swimming skills classes (for non-swimmers),
  2. breaststroke trainings (for non-swimmers and swimmers),
  3. backstroke trainings (for swimmers),
  4. freestyle trainings (for non-swimmers and swimmers),
  5. butterfly trainings (for swimmers).

The trainings offer only the most typical variants that I have in practice. This is not a bulk course but a one-to-one lesson, so you can do it individually and according to the learner's tempo. Better swimmers can have more specialized offer. For less advanced swimmers, it is necessary to complete a standard. They should know to swim a basic breaststroke, a backstroke, a freestyle, and a base of butterfly waves. The emphasis is generally on on the versatility in swimming didactics, not on teaching only one swimming method.

One swimming skill opens the door to the second swimming skill. You will not do anything without basic swimming skills. You cah relax with one swimming style from the other. Although I offer trainings such as the freestyle, part of trainings is usually also a correction of gross mistakes in the swimming method of breaststroke and the learning of the basis of the backstroke. Keep in mind that few beginners of freestyle are able to swim freestyle or freestyle techniques throughout the all lesson. I do not find it appropriate. It is up to you, how skillful you are and how much you can manage.

The main criterion for assessing the swimming level of a swimmer or non-swimmer is for me to control swimming breathing and swimming distance in meters in a piece (ie without rest, I do not wait to swim at the edge of the pool, I immediately reflect and swim). If there is the better entry level of the swimmer, the lesson can take place faster and more efficiently. If the entry level is poor, we will improve it. It will take some time… But everything is relative. Beginner non-swimmers sometimes swim a new style of swimming much better than swimmers. They usually have better technique, but they swim shorter distance. The main thing is not to hurry, to be relaxed and not to rush for speed or for count of hours. Take time and do not be too strict on yourself.

Trainings are paid in advance in the form of a subscription to specific deadlines that we agree with each other. For the first training I recommend to agree on a separate training and then if you like the training you will pay a set of at least four lessons. You can pay individual workouts in less than a four lessons, but the price is slightly higher. If you are reliable, we can have regular dates for trainings (typically 1 × per week), which will be continuously paid in advance. However, you and I can cancel unpaid terms. However, if you cancel my workouts too often, then I won't count on you. In general I have been successful and I recommend to the swimmers to pay in the set at least four lessons. Binding (for you and for me) are the agreed and paid terms (ie, those four terms), see business terms. Who wants to go on a regular basis, I can then count on them in the form of regular long-term and „never-ending“ trainings.

I would love to make swimming generally not as a course that ends one day but as a regular physical activity. I perceive training as advanced individual trainings. I always undertake swimming lessons and I continue to teach at a certain standard and appropriate pace. So the offer of trainings is mainly for your idea of the expected swimming progress. If it goes faster, we will go faster. If you are less sophisticated, we will choose a more leisurely pace.

Partner training

If you want to go swimming with your friend or girlfriend, husband or wife, you can create a partner group. I offer partner training as an extension of individual training to another member in the group you create. The condition is that the training participants are at least 18 years old. You can create a partner group with a maximum of 3 swimmers/unswimmers. Family relationship is not a necessity.

It is in this case an individual teaching with another participant in the training. You declare one of us as the head of the group and then I will organize trainings with him. I enable a maximum of three training participants in a group. If you create your own group, you need to have roughly the same level of swimming skills, so that nobody delay the others while swimming and we can do common techniques together.

Partner training price

The group is paid together on one account, and I take you as a whole. The resulting price is calculated as the price for individual tuition + price for each additional individual.

Example: You are a swimmer and you want to swim in the first price zone in a group of 3 swimmers. The final price will be 900 + 2 * 300 = CZK 1500 for three swimmers together in the pool Šutka on Tuesday. In conversion, then the training will cost each individual to 1500 / 3 = 500 CZK per training, plus you will pay each of your own entry into the pool. The group's swimming level is determined by the weakest swimmer in the group and should be similar to all swimmers. The number of participants (including their names) must be known and paid in advance.

A note: Who can not walk in the morning in the range of times from 6.15 to 10.00 am to the pool Šutka, please contact another trainer. I do not offer afternoon or evening trainings or weekend trainings by default, they do not suit me, there are too many swimmers in the pool and I also need time for other work, personal free time, my own trainings, rest and regeneration. Now, me knee begins to hurt noticeably from walking on the shore during trainings. I need a good knee at least for a while. If I don't feel well, the trainings won't:-(. I would like to devote myself to you, but it is not in my human power nor in my time possibilities to walk two or three times a day into the pool with heavy backpack according to the individual requirements of swimmers (morning, afternoon and evening and even on weekends) or have more than three trainings in one day or commute to some extra pools. For this reason, teaching in other days or times, or in the other pools than Sutka pool, is noticeably more expensive or significantly more expensive for surcharges or not offered at all. When you pay for it, so it is OK. But if I were to please all of us, then I would fall down and you tear me up like wolves :). Or I would have to increase prices significantly. That's why you have to adapt to me a little too. I adapt to you in my offer morning tuition before your work – believe me, I'd like to sleep too. Please respect my time, but don't ask me too much more, I had to start a swimming school. Maybe I will do it, but I don't have it yet. I am very happy for your interest in swimming, but too much is harmful. There's not too much space on some „fanciful ideas“ the individual's requirements and approaches. Be glad, that we can find a common term in the Šutka. Thank you for your understanding.