Jitka Vachtová - individual swimming lessons

Group trainings

Group trainings – mainly freestyle and backstroke

I offer group swimming lessons on Tuesdays 7.00-7.45 am and on Fridays 7.00-7.45 am in the Šutka pool. I suppose that lessons on Fridays will be from July to the end of August (with regard to the subsequent rental courses). I suppose that lessons on Tuesdays will be continuously. You can subscribe to a group at any time during the year. I guarantee maximum number of 3 swimmers in a group! The group trainings are only for atult swimmers who can swim. The price is from 400 CZK/training. You pay your admission fee separately and we swim in the public space.

The group training is intended for intermediate swimmers only

The initial condition of participation in the joint group trainings is that the swimmer is able to swim contiguously at least 400 m in 12 minutes by any swimming way with breathing into the water and be accustomed to swim with other swimmers in the swimming lane. This is the so-called Cooper's Test swimming. I need the group to be swimming balanced and we could swim in a public lane.

Trainings will still be reserved for the fitness swimmers who want to learn to front crawl or they want to improve in it. Please, do not ask me to accept you to the group unless you cannot still breathe in the water and if there is a problem to swim 400 m for 12 min for you. So far I have groups reserved for a slightly advanced swimmer, the others can only use my individual trainings. Maybe with time I will expand the group offer (in other terms) for beginner swimmers, but now I can offer only individual swimming lessons for beginners and less advanced swimmers. As soon as you will be able to swim to an acceptable and comparable level, swimmers can go, in case of interest, to groups.

Group training of freestyle, but we learn everything: breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly

Group trainings are not strongly focused on a specific swimming method. On the contrary, we gradually learn everything and we improve everything: breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and butterfly. Group swimming is focused on fitness swimming, teaching and improvement of front crawl. However, the most preferred style is crawl, but my input condition for teaching crawl is to master the basic correct technique of backstroke. So who cannot swim the backstroke, he learns backstroke with me.

Price of trainings and admission

Group tuition is cheaper for individuals than individual training. The group is small, so the training can be very individual. You swim between the public (in the public or open space for public), i.e. We don't rent a separate swimming lane. I and you are common visitors in the Šutka pool. The current occupancy of the groups can be seen in my schedule. Trainings are intended for adults over 18 years of age. I arrange the group according to received orders. If you would like to create your own group, it can be arranged, but the terms of the tuition are slightly different.

The swimmer pays admission fee at its own expense. The resulting price depends on the paid period. Either you choose individual workouts, then the training price is higher, or you pay for the whole month, then the cost of the conversion per training is lower. The price conditions are described in the pricelist.

Reservation of group trainings

Everyone can sign up for deadlines until the capacity of a group of 3 swimmers for training. Dates must be paid in advance according to the advance invoice instructions for proper reservation.

Compared to individual lessons in group lessons, I do not provide spare hours or the possibility of an alternate. Otherwise, business conditions are almost identical to individual lessons, just it is a training in a small group of people. If I needed to cancel the training, I would either return the money again for the canceled term, or it will be offered a substitute term.

Only paid terms are reserved. However, for those who will be reliable and will want to go really regularly, I can block the terms continuously with a greater outlook (practically regularly). Free dates with a view of the nearest weeks are shown in the schedule of vacant hours. I recommend to attend workouts regularly every week. Unused hours without compensation are forfeited.

If the swimmer attends my individual trainings and group trainings, the number of trainings is calculated separately for the payments, although they may be included on one invoice. There are different conditions for groups then for individual workouts.

Where do we meet?

I meet with swimmers directly in/by the pool at the time of the beginning of the training either traditionally under round swimming watch or at the steps where I usually dwell. Please come in time.

A note: I'm going to decide who I'm going to take, or I'm not going to take in a group, please. I want to have swimmers who are fine with whom I understand and who have a corresponding swimming level. That's why I recommend an individual lesson first. If, for example, swimmer does not breathe in water and does not have the necessary speed and perseverance in swimming or it is a trouble for him to swim in the runway between predatory swimmers, so it is necessary to start with an individual trainings, where we will learn it. Sometimes, four individual lessons are sufficient for the correction. I can only offer individual tuition at this time for non-swimmers and less advanced swimmers , where I can devote them the way they need it.